Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation

11 international press and influencer trips and Roadshow in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm)


● To implement Maldives international marketing Plan and promote the destination among tour operators, travel agents and media in the Nordic Countries, Southafrica, The Netherlands, Turkey and Brazil.

● To increase awareness and position Maldives as a priority Asian destination for international travelers.

● Provide Maldives with information of international trade industry, operators, airlines, media, etc.

● Increase reservations / sales of trips to Maldives.

● Optimize the impact of the marketing actions carried out by Maldives: fairs and tourist meetings.

● Increase the knowledge of the destination among final consumers.

● Maximize the exposure of Maldives among the international media and generate articles, reports and interviews about the destination.

Implemented actions

● Organization of a sales mission in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, including the management of the flights and accommodation for Maldives delegation. Coordination of all the logistics related to the venues and materials needed to set up the 4 events.

● Management of invitations in the 4 Nordic cities: writing, production, design and distribution of digital invitations in each market, follow up calls and PR support.

● Organization of 2 press trips with South African media, 2 press trips with Turkish journalists,  3 influencers trip with Brazilian well known content creators and a press trips with Holland media.

● Selection and invitation of attendees,  searching for flight tickets and quotations, preparation of assistants’ documents and visas required by the destination, escorting the Groups.

● Translated posts in social media and articles in media published after the trip.


● 4 destination presentations followed by a networking session and buffet dinner in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm with a total assistance of 110 travel agents, tour operators, airlines and intermediaries from the tourism sector.

● 5 press trips with 25 international media from South Africa, Holland, and Turkey with 30 articles published and a media value of 253.000 euros.

● rips with Brazilian influencers with a total reach of 5.773.567 impressions.

Corporacion Comunicacion Iberoamericana Barceló y Asoc S.L. It has participated in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Program, and has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of European ERDF funds. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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