Provincial Council of Salamanca

The Provincial Council of Salamanca is the institution that leads the tourism development strategy of the province and detects the need to boost the promotion of the provincial touristic offer. Comunicación Iberoamericana is responsible for the communication services of the Province, regarding its Strategic Tourism Plan 2016-2019.

Communicate Salamanca’s tourist offer, improve the position of the destination in national and international markets through its presence in the media, consolidate the image of Salamanca as a multi-product destination, increase the number of tourists and and their expenditure, create an image of Salamanca as a destination that bets on social, economic and environmental sustainability, as well as for innovation and new technologies, with a unique tourism offer.

Professionals of the touristic sector, communication media and potential travelers

Relations with national media; Writing and distribution of press releases; Organization of press trips and blog trips; Design and preparation of press conferences; Writing of interventions, scripts and management of interviews; Press clipping and support in crisis communication; Generation of web content and social networks; Distribution of newsletters; Advice on advertising campaigns; Advertising design; Advice and management of advertising contracting.

Great exposition of the province of Salamanca in national and local media with a media value over 750.000 euros in the first semester.

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