Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador leads the tourist activity in the country. In 2015, Comunicación Iberoamericana won the public tender as Representative Office and PR agency in 13 European markets.

Strengthen, increase and consolidate the presence of Ecuador as a tourist destination in this markets (Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Russia). Three lines of action: promote Ecuador as a tourist destination, provide strategic support to the tourism offer and implement a tourism information intelligence system.

Direct public: tour operators, travel agencies, airlines and cruise lines, tourist associations, media and opinion leaders
Indirect target: potential travellers

Create and update press, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, associations and tourist events databases from 13 European countries; Implement a commercial plan in Europe to promote the destination; Create a training sessions plan in the main European cities; Organization and support in international trade fairs and roadshows in Europe; Organization of fam trips and press trips; Writing, translation and distribution of press releases and newsletters; Social media campaign.

More than 300 business meetings with the representatives of the main European tour operators and travel agencies; Organization of 8 training seminars with the participation of more than 550 tourism professionals. More than 800 clippings with a media value of 2 million dollars. Coordination and support in WTM 2014, WTM 2015, ITB 2015, IMEX 2015, Expo Milan 2015 and ELA 2015, getting more than 200 meetings with journalists and trade. Organization of two European roadshows with more than 450 attendees in 10 cities. Writing and translation into five languages press releases and a weekly newsletter.

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